Continue your education. Expand your horizons.

Looking to add to your education? Partnership+ from the Healthcare Alliance is your continuing education resource. Through Partnership+ and the new EventWorksMN website, you can search for training and register for short courses in one convenient location.

Partnership+ is a consortium of healthcare and education organizations working together to maximize training opportunities while minimizing costs.

Participants can experience courses taught via video conferencing, in-person and even online — ranging from one-day lessons to full semesters. So whether you’re looking to expand your career, or are a student, alumni, job seeker or someone just curious about healthcare, Partnership+ can get you to the next level.

It’s healthcare and education working together to build a smarter, healthier community. Just the way it should be.

To search and register for current Partnership+ opportunities, please visit our EventWorksMN website. (Coming soon.)

To view past presentations, please visit our archive.

Upcoming Events

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